Interesting Links

Interesting Links to Show-Case ground-breaking Modern Medicine Breakthroughs:

As in all areas where new technological findings and techniques are explored daily, the Medical profession has its own Important Breakthroughs in all its areas, surgical, healing and medicine.

  1. The following video shows 5 amazing Surgical Breakthroughs in the healing of broken body parts, hands, jaws, helping a struggling heart, building a brand new face, as well as animal rescues. With the commitment to helping to best of their limitations, a new way can always be found.
  1. Linking Modern Medicine with Traditional Healing; finding the again the goodness of a healthy diet and the healing effects of a good laugh.
  1. The biggest problem with Modern Medicine is the fact that it mostly treats only the symptoms, there is a medication for everything, without trying to find out what causes the illness or disease. Treating only the symptoms only makes you feel better for the time being.  What about when you stop using medication?
  1. Complementary and Alternative Medicine is mostly used together with traditional medicine. A lot of research still has to be done to find the correct purpose of these medicines and how it can enhance traditional medicine practices.
  1. Liver Cleansing; what you need and how it will help you. What is the significance of cleansing the body from the inside out?

Information about health and medicine can be found everywhere.  Always do your research and collect the information before deciding on following a new medicine or health trend.